Our Research
CategoryHealth conditionCountry
Life changing injuriesUK
Traumatic Brain Injury in VeteransUSA
Age related conditions
Adult AspergerUK
DementiaJapan, Netherlands
Sleep disorders - older peopleUK
Alport syndromeUK
Arthritis - young peopleUK
Cancer - paediatricUS
Cancer - teenagers' experiencesUK
Chronic illness in young peopleUK
Cleft paletteUK
ADHD - young peopleGermany
Epilepsy - young peopleUK
Feverish Illnesses in ChildrenUK
Skin conditions - eczema - young peopleUK
Skin conditions - acne - young peopleUK
Skin conditions - alopecia - young peopleUK
Skin conditions - psoriasis - young peopleUK
Sexual health - young peopleUK
Pregnancy related
Pregnancy - ending a pregnancy due to foetal abnormalityUK
Pregnancy loss (early) (see also losing a baby at 20-24 weeks)UK
Losing a baby at 20-24 weeks of pregnancyUK
Miscarriage - lateUK
Pregnancy - perinatal mental healthCanada (pilot)
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Motor Neurone DiseaseUK
EpilepsyGermany, UK
Parkinson's diseaseUK
Cancer - bladderUK
Cancer - bowel (screening)Japan, UK
Cancer - breastCanada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK, US
Cancer - breast maleUK
Cancer - breast screeningUK
Cancer - cervicalUK
Cancer - cervical screeningUK
Cancer - CIN3 (HSIL)UK
Cancer - colorectalGermany, UK
Cancer - colorectal (& sexual dysfunction)UK
Cancer - diagnosis (in England, Denmark & Sweden)UK
Cancer - DCISUK
Cancer - genomicsUS
Cancer - fatigueUS
Cancer - leukaemiaUK
Cancer - lungUK
Cancer - LymphomaUK
Cancer - ovarianUK
Cancer - pancreaticUK
Cancer - penileUK
Cancer - prostateGermany, Japan, UK
Cancer - PSA testingUK
Cancer - risk and genomicsUS
Cancer - stomachSouth Korea
Cancer - testicularUK
Leukemia, genetic: Impact of being informedUK
Mental Health
DepressionAustralia, Canada, South Korea
Depression - young adultsUSA, UK
Depression and anxiety - immigrantsCanada
Psychosis - young peopleUK
Mental illness (severe) and supported decision making - individual perspectivesAustralia
Mental illness (severe) and supported decision making - carers' perspectivesAustralia
Mental Illness - Black and Minority Ethnic experiencesUK
Immigrants mental illnessCanada
Eating disorders-womenGermany
Eating disorders-young peopleUK
Cardiovascular disease
Heart attackUK
Heart failureUK
Heart valve disease - screeningUK
Hereditary DiseaseNetherlands, UK (Jewish conditions)
High Blood PressureSpain
Rare Conditions
Jewish health conditionsUK
Rare DiseasesNetherlands
Chronic Conditions
Asthma - severeAustralia
Atrial FibrillationUK
Kidney disease (see also renal disease, end stage - S Asians)Netherlands, UK
Pain - chronicGermany, Israel, Japan, UK
Polymyalgia RheumaticUK
Bowel Disease - chronic inflammatoryGermany
Rheumatoid arthritisUK
Diabetes - Type 1 - young peopleUK
Diabetes - Type 2Germany, Israel, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, UK
Crohn's diseaseJapan
Visual ImpairmentNetherlands
The circle of life and death
Antenatal screeningUK
Birth choices after caesareanUK
Pregnancy - childbirthNetherlands
Labour and birth - management of early stages of labourUK
Parenting - earlyAustralia
End of life
End of LifeUK
Near miss natal morbidityUK
Vegetative and minimally conscious statesUK
Periods in life
AgeingAustralia, Czech Republic
Menopause - early (women's experiences)Australia
Menopause - early (health practitioners' perspectives)Australia
Experiences in health care
Medical CannabisIsrael
Multiple medicines useAustralia
Bone surgery (hip and shoulder)UK
Burns - paediatricUK
Neonatal surgeryUK
Organ donationUK
Urinary cathetersUK
Clinical trialsJapan, UK
Clinical trials - parents' experiencesUK
Clinical trials - young peopleUK
Immunisation - parentsUK
Influenza vaccine - parentsUK
Specific health care service
Intensive care - patientsUK
Intensive care- family and friendsUK
Palliative care - patient and carer experiencesCzech Republic (patient experiences only, due March 2019) South Korea, Spain, UK
Rehabilitation - medicalUK, Germany
Smoking cessationUK
Weight changeUK
Weight change - young peopleUK
Primary care: ChildrenNetherlands
Sickle cell and beta thalasseamia screeningUK
Primary care experiences - young peopleUK
Social Issues
Domestic ViolenceUK
Drugs and alcohol - addiction, treatment and recoveryAustralia
Drugs and alcohol - young peopleUK
Experiences of circle of support
Autism - grandparents' experiencesUK
Autism - parents' experiencesUK
Autism - siblings' experiencesUK
Family caregivingCanada
Clinical trials - parents' experiencesUK
Congenital Heart Disease - parents' experiencesUK
Dementia - caregiversJapan, Netherlands, UK, South Korea
Immunisation - parentsUK
Influenza vaccine - parentsUK
Intensive care - family and friendsUK
Mental illness (severe) and supported decision making - carers' perspectivesAustralia
Mental Illness - Black and Minority Ethnic experiences - CarersUK
Multiple Sclerosis - carersUK
Palliative care - carer experiences South Korea, Spain, UK
Bereavement due to suicideUK
Self-harm - parentsUK
Improving health care
100,000 Genomes ProjectUK
Alternatives to face to face consultationsUK
Assisted reproductive technologies and long term health outcomes for women and their children: a data linkage study for EnglandUK, Spain
Cancer and Pain Curriculum for Medical StudentsUS
Depression Curriculum for Medical StudentsUS
Hospital care - reducing mortality after ICU transfer to wardUK
Hospital care - noise in Intensive CareUK
Outcomes-led commissioningUK
Patient and public involvementUK
Patient and public involvement - researchersUK
(High) Policy impactUK
Research - participation and partnershipsUK
Research nurses and allied health professionalsUK
Surgical research studiesUK
Training/teaching films (also known as trigger films)UK, Canada, US (*2)
Recruitment in high needs clinicsUS
User generated content for health servicesUK