Ethics & Quality

Ethics & Quality

Membership to DIPEx International is subject to Board approval on the basis of certain minimum quality standards including:


The source of financing of any research for a DI website must be based on our ethical funding policy which prohibits funding from pharmaceuticals or commercial advertising.

Each DI group must include:

• A senior qualitative social scientist with a national reputation, a strong publication record in qualitative research and success in attracting major research funding.
• A clinical lead with a national reputation and good networks in different specialties (academic GPs are likely to be successful team members).
• Voluntary sector and user group input.

Experienced qualitative researchers who wish to join DI must attend an accredited course in DIPEx methods, to learn about project management and research methods. A shorter training course is offered for project leads and managers who may not themselves be conducting research but need to be aware of including project funding, ethics and management.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more or would like to join.